Located in the heart of Bangalore city is a "Pocket" of "Green" where your child can step into an awe - inspiring world of learning, art, crafts, music and so much more! All this, while strenthening their emotional quotient and independence as they surround themselves by nature. Just noticing things on a small scale — a tiny insect or leaves that have fallen, bright red against the green grass, a squirrel scampering around — teaches children more than any text book ever will.

We have 4 programs - Parent Child Programm, Playgroup, Preschool and Nursery
The timings are : 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Parent child program - For children between 8 months to 2 yrs.
Baby Nest Intermedaite - Playgroup for children between 14 months to 2 yrs
Baby Nest Senior - Preschool for children between 2 yrs to 3 yrs
Nursery - For children between 2.10 yrs to 4+ yrs

The Green Pocket has introduced a brain based interactive Parent Child Program called Baby Nest Junior. Toddlers of ages 8 months onwards attend experiential sessions with their parent for one hour twice a week. Children learn largely learn from play and exploring. The Parent Child is a unique program conducted outdoors. Here the parent and toddler share a beautiful bond along with fun learning activities which is age appropriate . The class offers different segments which include

  • Physical development- includes the gross motor ,fine motor activities which you can do with your child.
  • Explore or Learning - includes rhymes, stories, games, sensory activities.
  • Creative- children express themselves to be creative ,activities include art and craft, music and movement
  • Benefits of the Program
  • As a parent you get to spend quality time with your toddler.
  • Have a structured routine.
  • Promotes sensory, language, physical, social emotional, creative skills.
  • Promotes easy transition to play school.

    Stimulating the brain in every possible way is crucial in the early years of development. Listening to stories, dancing to music, playing in the sand, running around barefeet, climbing a tree house, painting a wall, creating their own masterpiece, cooking a non-fire dish, observing and interacting with animals/birds, doodling, viting new places, all play an important role in the all around development of a child. This is exactly what we focus on, while also introducing some basic concepts which will help them when they step into the world of "big schools". What makes us different is that we do all of this not confined in the conventional classrooms but by being OUT IN NATURE.

    We use the Playway method, Montessori aids and Theme based curriculum in our Baby Nest and Nursery programs.

    Children differ in experiences, age and background; they do not learn the same things at the same time in the same way. We work with individual children, small groups, and the whole group at different times during the session. They will not aimlessly wander, nor will they be forced to sit quietly for long periods of time.

    As we work towards our mission, all our activities for the children are carefully planned around the following aspects:
  • Interaction with peers & adults
  • Focussed attention
  • Purposeful & free play
  • Early decision making & independence
  • Self-monitoring & empathy
  • Building confidence through self discovery
  • Cognitive strategies (practice/repetition)
  • Reinforce understanding, imagination & exploration using learning aids
  • We promise to make your child's time with us - a time of learning, exploring and developing through fun filled activities, interactive programs, music and games.

    Learning together
    Nursery class
    Parent Child Program
    Field Trip to Animal Rescue Shelter
    Splash pool
    Kids playing in the sandpit