A safe and happy space for your child while you're away.

The little that parents need to do

  • Lunch to be sent along with the child
  • Clean sets of clothes for children
  • A packet of diapers and any special cream
  • We are closed in the month of May
  • Note : For school going children, school vehicles could drop children at The Green Pocket entrance. We will have someone pick them up.

    What we do

  • Ages : 1yr + and school going children
  • Timings : 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm
  • Activities, books, outdoor space and games to keep the children occupied.
  • We provide milk and light snacks at 4:00/4:30pm.
  • We will assist children in homework sent by school but not in projects and tuitions.
  • Open all working days.
  • Closed on Government holidays, school holidays, weekends. A holiday list will be sent out.
  • Kids geting their afternoon nap
    Having Milk post nap
    Daycare kids enjoying outdoors
    Daycare kids enjoying indoors
    Kids playing