During Lockdown 2020

I don't think anyone is going to forget March 2020 in a long time. Especially parents of small children. Especially children who love the outdoors. And to my knowledge a child develops a love for the outdoors from two sources primarily - parents and the school. My toddler has been lucky to have discovered the joy of outdoors, from both these sets. While we as parents have done it through encouraging free play, lots of running around outside the home, visits ...Read More

Parents to friends forever

What’s in a name, they say. The Green Pocket. More than you can imagine! From the first time we walked in to the last day 5 years later this little bubble of joy for both our little girls never ceased to amaze and delight. Parents and kids alike. The healthy and open learning environment was something that many of our friends spoke highly about, which is why we decided to let our daughters experience this in their early years. Caring ...Read More

Parent of a special needs child

I want to thank you The Green Pocket for their constant support. Being mother of a special child was never an easy fact to accept and adapt to. But for the staff. The teachers, guided by Anahita were the first person to help us come to terms with it. Bhumi was doing great until the age of 1.8 years when the doctors diagnosed her with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She had speech delay issues. Following doctors advice at Manipal hospital, we joined ...Read More

From a parent to teacher at TGP

The year was 2015 and my first steps into ‘The Green Pocket’ happened by sheer chance. We had lived less than 500 mts from TGP for over 5 years but I did not have the slightest idea that such a beautiful place could exist in the midst of the concrete colony. When my daughter was about less than a year old and was starting to get bored with all the house play a neighbour chanced on telling me about rabbits inside the ‘Embassy’ ...Read More

F20 bakehouse at TGP

The green pocket has always been special to me. With so many fond memories with my bub to making genuine friends with hearts of gold and clients who become family. The best thing about green pocket is in a busy city like bangalore you still feel connected with nature and those cute little rabbits being the highlight of every birthday I have been for or catered to making the kiddies so happy always. A place that’s always versatile in ...Read More

Jinxy and Sasha - Story of a Pet

This article is by an author Ashrafi Cawasji who had visited The Green Pocket some years ago and chose to write about these 2 monkeys Jinxy and Sasha. They are no more, but during there time at the school, the brough immense joy to the children as they got a chance to interact with them, feed them, love them. This is the amazing but true story of a unique pair of monkeys - Jinxy who has lost both his legs and ...Read More

The Green Pocket Annual Days

Every year since the last 9 years we have had our Annual Day a week before we closed for the term! Our babies made us so proud with their stage presence, smiles, dialogues and dancing skills!! They also develop the confidence of speaking in front of a crowd of 70+people. Repeated recitations of poems and story enactments on stage regularly for couple of weeks builds up their confidence and they give a memorable performance to their parents and grandparents. Our babies ...Read More

Volunteers at The Green Pocket

In the words of Benjamin Franklin “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” That’s the idea behind giving youngsters a feel of being a “teacher”. Our aim at The Green Pocket is to share the “teaching “ and “mentoring” experience with youngsters. At our Summer Camp “Fun Under the Sun” we give a unique opportunity every summer for two to three children aged 10 years and above to be volunteers and help ...Read More


Gymnastics first started as an after school activity in the year 2012. It was for 4+ year olds from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. Seeing the benefits of exercise and gymnastics, the Green Pocket inroduced it as a part of their Baby Nexrt and Nursery programs. Gangadhar Sir says Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs available to children, incorporating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, and discipline. Whether they are involved in recreational gymnastics or with a competition squad, skills ...Read More

Field Trips from The Green Pocket

A field trip is a visit we take our children to, outside The Green Pocket. Here is where children can try new things, can see new sights, have new learning experiences, have hands on experiences, learn empathy with social motives and most important have lots of fun . A field trip may be to a location right around the corner or may require a bus ride to the place we plan to take them . Our visits in the past have included ...Read More

GlobeTrippers at The Green Pocket

Hi!!!I'm Jasmine & I have been a part of the Globetrippers team for the past 3 years. Globetrippers is a travel club that simulates travel to different countries by giving early exposure to children through an enhanced, vertical learning programme. Exploring the country's culture, traditions, language, music, food, art, personalities while engaging in fun traditional games, crafts, an audiovisual segment and interactive guest demonstrations from persons belonging to that particular culture or a related field. We do have our sessions at ...Read More

Interaction with pets by PetStepin'

The best gifts a parent can give a child is – a good education and a pet. Nine years back when The Green Pocket welcomed toddlers to a whole new teaching methodology, across the fence, PetStepin’ also opened it’s doors to an unconventional method of boarding and socializing animals. We practiced an open system of boarding and daycare where dogs are allowed to run around and play in an open space, under the trees, with their buddies without being leashed ...Read More

Festivals celebrated at The Green Pocket

We believe that children will remember an important day or celebration only if they are told what the occasion signifies. At The Green Pocket our inclusivity extends to celebrating all our major Indian and few world festivals as we have a diverse bunch of children from all backgrounds and faiths. As they are small and age between just a year and a half to four years of age we believe that celebrating the festival in a fun way will make ...Read More

Jumpbunch - sports and fitness for kids

The Green Pocket had a well guided and energetic sports program with JumpBunch for over 3 years. They brought in their own coaches, equipment, music and followed a detailed curriculum. Each week they introduced the children to different exercises, games and a sport. It helped build confidence, coordination, team play and helped foster a positive attitude towards sport and fitness with our little children at The Green Pocket. Their learning objective: Super fun- filled class – with a new sport ,fitness and ...Read More

Field trip to Pottery town

Pottery Town, located in the heart of Benson town is a reminder of the good old days of Bangalore.Pottery town has a rustic charm to itself with just few families left following this amazing craftsmanship-pottery.It has few small houses left on either sides of the narrow street, few still using their manual potter’s wheels and just one big old kiln left for baking their creations. Here is where you can still buy your clay pots, water holders, ...Read More

Our Nursery Program

Our Nursery program is for our 2.10 yrs and above kids. They have lots of group activities with all the children ranging from 16 months to 4 years as well as few age specific activities too. The Nursery program is held in our semi walled room where they continue to feel like they are outdoors yet learn to be in a "classroom" environment. The teacher gets them use to sitting at a table and chair as our initial program is all on the ...Read More

From a parent with 3 kids who all loved TGP

We stumbled upon The Green Pocket whilst looking for a venue for my daughter Michelles 2nd birthday. We fell in love with the place the minute we saw it. Tucked away off the bustling old airport road, this open space with a then adjoining chikku plantation was a breath of fresh air. It was then, almost 9 years ago that we met Anahita and her 2 daughters and it was the begining of a lovely friendship. Soon after this we started looking ...Read More

Storytelling at The Green Pocket

Storytelling is an art form that holds within its umbrella, manifold benefits. Firstly it enhances the vocabulary and sharpening listening skills of the child. Storytelling is also a powerful tool to improve a child's confidence and communication level. In my sessions at Green pocket, I try to give utmost importance to the above mentioned skill development. In addition to this, I try to focus on strengthening their emotional quotient by identifying the emotions in the story, by putting themselves in ...Read More

The Green Pocket kids' visit to the dentist

The first dental check up should happen either when the first tooth comes into the oral cavity or by the first birthday. But usually we are not able to see babies that young for a dental a check up. Thanks to The Green Pocket team and Anahita we are able to see kids as soon as they start their pre school. School dental health at a very young age helps in following ways - Helps to check the child at ...Read More

Visit to Carrots Restaurant

It was a bright February morning. We were involved in our mundane, restaurant opening tasks, when the cuteness quotient in the atmosphere suddenly spiked! A batch of about 30 wee children from The Green Pocket had just walked in to Carrots on their school outing, accompanied by their superhero team of teachers and caretakers, led by Anahita. Before they arrived, we were all set to have the restaurant turned upside down with kids running helter-skelter. But from the moment these babies ...Read More

Visit by "Talk to Tiger"

Even before my little one was born we were already thinking about which preschool to send her to. I cherish the schools where I had been to and more than the studies, I remember the time spent playing and with friends. When we were searching for a great play school with a close relationship with nature, my wife introduced me to The Green Pocket and we had to pay a visit. Anahita Batha provides just that – A play school which ...Read More

Little Chefs

"The Road Kill - Food truck" has been associated with TGP for the Summer Camps and other fun initiatives. We were given the freedom to express our love for food and cooking with the kids. TGP's Summer camps was a fun way for us to create a hands on experience for the young chefs to give them a sneek-peek into the exiting world of Cooking and raise awareness on how to work inside a kitchen! The kids got to experiment ...Read More

Our in-house library - Our Story Shelf

The first 6 years of a child's life are most important for the development of a child's brain. And what the brain needs is to be stimulated in every possible way! During the early years kids are often exposed to a variety of activities. But what many a times is missing is being read to! Researchers discovered that reading stimulates the side of the brain that helps with mental imagery, understanding, and language processing, and that brain activity while hearing stories ...Read More

Visit to an old age home

Our children get to experience and learn about the wider world around them with our visits to old age homes and social organisations for a social world view where the little ones can imbibe and inculcate lessons of compassion, empathy on social conditions from all walks of life. We decided to take our summer camp kids twice to Sisters of the Poor an Old age home for elderly people here in Bangalore. On both occasions we asked the children to ...Read More

Nurturing Nature : Garden Exploration For 2-5 year olds

This 2 hour workshop was specially designed to enable kids to appreciate the wonders of nature through gardening. Kids were taken on a nature walk in and around the lush green property and shown the fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants growing there. Kids were encouraged to make their own discoveries and to use all their senses to explore natural wonders from the minute bugs to the massive gulmohar trees towering above. This was interspersed with fun hands on activities such as ...Read More

Little Sprouts : Garden Exploration For 1-2.5 year olds

In this 1.5 hour workshop, the toddler age group was shown the wonders of the natural world through unstructured activities in the beautiful surrounds of The Green Pocket. All the activities were laid out in different stations and the tiny tots were free to explore each activity freely and at their whim. For example, at the planting station they were free to sow seeds, pot plants or just play with the mud; piling it up, make mud pies and feel the ...Read More

Garden Club

The Garden Club is a weekly club for kids 4 years and above. Here, kids take care of their very own community organic garden from seed to harvest. They not only learn the life cycle of seasonal vegetables and herbs but also other intricacies, such as seed saving, about the helpful insects and bugs in the garden, soil strcucture, composting and the flora and fauna and environment at large. Through gardening, kids learn other life skills such as working in groups, ...Read More

Tickles and Tales

The Green Pocket will always hold a Special place for me. In the year 2012 we started our journey of Storytelling and Puppet shows and it started with the Ramayan story for the FUS summer camps conducted there. Tickles&Tales stories includes stick and hand puppets with some drama too. We have a mix bag of stories for kids,Our Puppet shows are From indian mythological stories,kids movies and popular stories from books too. We love having our special friends ...Read More

Wall Painting

Creativity is a must with children through their growing years. The kids learn to interact and get creative with various mediums like sand, water, glue, paint,etc. in a supervised environment. Playing with mud, holding crayons, practicing free colouring and writing on board helps in motor development of the children. Both fine motor & gross motor development takes place by these various activities done by our little children ,guided by a teacher or facilitator. One such Activity albeit a little messy ...Read More

Our Happy First batch of babies

In 2008, in the garden of our home was born the concept of starting a green place for kids to grow , learn and have fun. With my 1yr 8month baby girl, Trista as my inspiration and encouragement from family and friends we started The Green Pocket. Choosing the name was much easier than I imagined. The namejust popped up in my mind while sitting under the chickoo trees. As the name suggest the space was filled with trees symbolized with “green’ ...Read More

WZCC's commitment to Health and happiness

WZCC’s commitment to Health & Happiness - Bangalore Chapter Event held on Saturday, April 29th 2017 from 10.30 am to 2.00 pm. Held on the grounds of The Green Pocket nursery school owned by our Committee Member, Anahita Batha. The event was organised by the Committee to give its members an insight into Fitness for everyday living. We invited five professionals who held an interactive session with our members and their guests through a very informative and enjoyable afternoon. 1. Godrej Rustumji - Safety ...Read More

WOW (Weekend of Wellness) Fest

It was in late 2015, both Ashwini and me decided to host a wellness gathering. This decision came after we both got super conscious of what we were buying for our 3 year old daughter. We needed a place to host the event, and we chose 'The Green Pocket'. Firstly, Green pocket was an easy choice because it was a place I was in love with because my daughter was in love with the place. She was part of the pre-school and ...Read More

Cheeky Monkey Halloween

I am a proud mother of The Green Pocket Kiddo Alumnae, a place dear to our hearts. This magical space holds many memories of smiles, giggles, mud, sweat and tears. Over the years we worked with The Green Pocket in their summer camps, planning Alien Treasure Hunts, and creative movement sessions, and had oodles of fun being one with the kids. When we were thinking of finding a space for the Cheeky Monkey Halloween it was clear to us that ...Read More

After school & daycare

A good and safe daycare is the need of the hour as nowadays both parents are opting to work. More so in the case of single parents who need to work long hours. We always tell parents never to feel guilty as their children adapt well to situations and life in general. We started After School activities 8 years ago, had it for two years and then took a break for three years!! With few kids’ parents asking me to restart ...Read More

Colour Days

Imagine our world if we did not have colours!!! The beauty lies in colours and its one of the most important concepts that we teach or babies through Preschool and nursery. The little ones learn to identify and recognize colours. Here at The Green Pocket we teach them the colours in a fun way and make a dramatical experience by having “Colour Days”- Red Day, Gold Day, Rainbow Day, Black and white day,etc. Our Colour Day is usually ...Read More

Code3 Protections

Code3 Protections in partnership with The Green Pocket, conducted annually, their special Children Awareness and Self Defense training programs. This was with the sole aim of arming children with the tools required to keep themselves aware of the dangers in today’s world and help them overcome situations when they arose. This program was designed to give the children a wide variety of tools and skill to get out of situations, protect them from harm and work together when an ...Read More