Leana's graduation

What’s in a name, they say. The Green Pocket. More than you can imagine! From the first time we walked in to the last day 5 years later this little bubble of joy for both our little girls never ceased to amaze and delight. Parents and kids alike.
The healthy and open learning environment was something that many of our friends spoke highly about, which is why we decided to let our daughters experience this in their early years.

Leana's graduation

Caring teachers would take our children on exciting fieldtrips, provide engaging activities in school and keep them occupied for hours on end. The first thing that struck me walking in was the peace and tranquility. The clean air and distance from the main road ensured a safe and clean environment for the kids to thrive.

I remember the birthday parties we threw there and the summer camps, the annual days and sports days. The toddlers going there emerged strong and confident, ready to enter pre school.

Leana's graduation
Arya & Leana at TGP

Anahita was and remains a dear friend to our family. She has watched our girls grow up and has been a source of inspiration and support for us through the years. Her own daughters are great friends with ours and are a testament to her abilities as an educator and parent.

Many fond memories of Green Pocket linger and will always hold a place in our hearts as the first tentative steps our young ones took in the outside world and us as well, on our journey into parenthood beyond the walls of our home.

Written by Zeshan & Jayanti