Bhoomi with her friends at TGP

I want to thank you The Green Pocket for their constant support. Being mother of a special child was never an easy fact to accept and adapt to. But for the staff. The teachers, guided by Anahita were the first person to help us come to terms with it. Bhumi was doing great until the age of 1.8 years when the doctors diagnosed her with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She had speech delay issues.

Following doctors advice at Manipal hospital, we joined The Green Pocket as it was nearby to our house. Little did we know it’d turn out a boon for us. Their knowledge about Special kids must be acknowledged. Anahita knew exactly what was needed for her growth and development at that point. Always gave us the correct guidance at correct time be it involve her in music, dance, storytelling, pretend play, make her familiar with colours, textures, to work on eye contact, gestures, tactile movements etc. etc.

During various activities
Learning was fun for her

Ours was a 2 bhk flat, hence considerably The Green Pocket was her happy place, where she could play in sand, get to feel all the textures and proprioceptive movements that used to calm her. It’s a beautiful ambience with lots of trees and hanging ladders and slides, tree house, doll house, garden, library, pets to be familiar with, open space to run, play with peers, movie outings at your place...

The teachers use to hang schedule for the entire week for the parents to be in sync. Every Wednesday parent interaction was fun for her, to make new crafts, learn new stories, play new games. Tuesday’s gymnastics and Friday’s Rhythm n Rhyme were her favourite. Every month they conduct outings to explore a new place for field trips , which were exiting and brought confidence in us that she could adapt.

Enjoying field trips
TGP was always fun

I’d like to thank Preeti Teacher, Koel Teacher and all the teachers and staff for constantly loving, caring, supporting, guiding, assisting and pampering her. I’d always appreciate and cherish the moments of Annual day, all the festivals that you celebrate, holi, Diwali, Halloween, Christmas, Dussehra, Independence Day, birthday parties, etc. How you’d make sure she actively participates. The way she enjoyed in Fun Under The Sun camp, swimming, bouncing castle.

There are so many countless memories attached with you and The Green Pocket. I feel proud as well as lucky to have found such a well-organised, well-maintained place for my Bhumi. Not only it helped her become socially aware of things, also helped her build her skills and thought us to focus on her strengths to bring out the best in her. I strongly recommend this place for making blissful memories. I’m ever so grateful to you’ll for giving Bhumi a strong foundation and helping in her all-round growth.😘🤗

Written by Manju Bhaskar