In the words of Benjamin Franklin “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
That’s the idea behind giving youngsters a feel of being a “teacher”. Our aim at The Green Pocket is to share the “teaching “ and “mentoring” experience with youngsters. At our Summer Camp “Fun Under the Sun” we give a unique opportunity every summer for two to three children aged 10 years and above to be volunteers and help in the fun and activities at the camp. We ask parents to visit the place, understand what the child needs to do and then if the child and parent are eager we offer an opportunity for them to volunteer.

Students of Christ College

They help the facilitators with art, craft, dance, cooking, etc. They take on responsibilities to take care of the little ones who are 2.5yrs to 8 years of age. During snack time they ensure kids finish their snacks. At free play they use their imagination and keep the kids occupied with games. When we go for our weekly Field trips they come along and take responsibility for few kids and see that they are well taken care of. We are so proud of the volunteers who we have had in the past few years. One of them did a presentation in their school about her experience working at The Green Pocket which was graded as one of the best projects.


During the academic year 2017-2018 we had students from Christ College too who visited us and spent three hours of observing, participating and teaching children in our Nursery program. It was in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the English Language Teaching course that they were doing as part of their Degree course. The little ones were so happy to have the “bhayas” and “didis” spend time doing an activity with the children them while we evaluated them.

Kaira and Arushi

We would like to share the experience of few of our volunteers.
In the words of Riddhima Reddy I came to volunteer at The Green Pocket for the summer camp in April 2018. My experience is one I don’t think I will ever get again. The way I learnt everything along with the kids was so nice and precious. From the Poha to the Block Painting I enjoyed the entire thing. Even the schedule so well planned out. On Mondays and Wednesdays, how the kids swayed their small bodies to the beats and moves of choreography. The way their faces lit up when they saw Mukesh uncle fill up the splash pools. When we painted the walls, the way they held those huge paintbrushes in their tiny little hands. I even met some girls my age. The nicest thing though, was how kind you were to me through the whole 4 weeks. Thank you for letting me come to The Green Pocket.

Anaya With little Abeer

In the words of Anaya I had the opportunity to intern at The Green Pocket in the Summer of 2017 as a class 10 student. The Green Pocket is the most amazing mix of Nature and Nurture that you can find in our city. Little kids are able to enjoy much of what nature has to offer. Found within these verdant surroundings is a cute library, a playroom, classrooms, a dance floor, a small inflatable pool and a lovely pet shelter next door! Kids keep company with rabbits, dogs, birds and the occasional intern! My job during this four week internship was to help Ms. Anahita and other teachers to nurture and entertain the children. I learnt how to bathe, dress and feed the children and share their joys, laughter and tantrums. All the activities were great fun combined with learning. We also took the kids outdoors to another location once a week. I sure had my favourites among the kids, but Ms. Anahita taught me to love them all! I was happy to receive a certificate but what is even more satisfying is meeting some of these kids again and seeing them grow and develop. However big they grow, there will always be a Green Pocket woven in to them!