Gymnastics first started as an after school activity in the year 2012. It was for 4+ year olds from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. Seeing the benefits of exercise and gymnastics, the Green Pocket inroduced it as a part of their Baby Nexrt and Nursery programs.

Gangadhar Sir says Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs available to children, incorporating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, and discipline. Whether they are involved in recreational gymnastics or with a competition squad, skills learned in gymnastics can benefit a child’s overall development.

  • Strong, Healthy Bones - Gymnastics can help develop strong, healthy bones. Building strong, healthy bones while young can help reduce the risks of developing osteoporosis later on in life.
  • Muscle strength: Taking part in gymnastics at a young age can help build the foundations of good all-around muscle strength, endurance, and power. Gymnasts get stronger through regular training, which aids in the development of lean, toned muscles, improved balance, and better posture.
  • Motor Skills, Coordination and Balance: Gymnastics helps children build a range of motor and coordination skills, and assists in developing a good sense of body awareness. A young gymnast will learn how to use different parts of her body in difference ways. Participation in gymnastics develops body awareness, control, and coordination, which can be beneficial to other physical activities, sports, and in everyday life.
  • Commitment and Discipline: The challenging nature of gymnastics requires commitment and concentration. The structure of gymnastics lessons teaches children how hard work and dedication pays off. Positive experiences in gymnastics can build confidence through achievement, and illustrates to children that commitment to sport benefits them.

  • This is what the team of Gaurdians of Paradise has to say about TGP
    It has been a great experience till today to do a class in an open environment beneath the shadows of mother nature. We also got wonderful kids with great interest and dedication towards Gymnastics. At the beginning we started with floor Gymnastics, later we developed and introduced few apparatuses like, Spring board, vaulting table, high bar and balancing beam. We had also conducted gymnastics competitions where the kids participated and won the trophies and medals. TGP has also gave us an opportunity to grow and reach many people.