Walking through the town

Pottery Town, located in the heart of Benson town is a reminder of the good old days of Bangalore.Pottery town has a rustic charm to itself with just few families left following this amazing craftsmanship-pottery.It has few small houses left on either sides of the narrow street, few still using their manual potter’s wheels and just one big old kiln left for baking their creations. Here is where you can still buy your clay pots, water holders, diyas, tandoors, bird baths, Ganeshas, chimes and few other unique clay products.

The Green Pocket has been associated with Pottery town ever since we started as we have Murali , a potter from Pottery town a regular facilitator for Clay modeling and pottery on the potter’s wheel here at our school.

Children having their snacks
Watching the craftsman at work

We decided it is time for us to visit Pottery town and that’s what we did with our students in the month of October 2017. We made Pottery town the destination of our Field trip and arrived there in the middle of a narrow street. Murali the potter was glad to take us to his home which had 3 floors, each floor filled with clay items , potter’s wheel and his family living there too! The children got to see him demonstrate making various pots on the potter’s wheel and seeing various clay items that were ready to be painted on as well to be sold.

more craftsmanship

The kids had a snack break on the terrace after which we took them through another narrow lane to the old kiln where the potters bring their clay products to be baked. The children were carried up and shown what it looks inside the baking kiln. The place looked so old but amazed us what beautiful products come out baked from there.

The kids interacted with a few more potters. We bought pots and clay items and got back through the narrow lanes to our vehicle for our drive back to school. A visit to Pottery town is a must for anyone who wants to get a feel of old Bangalore!

Learning about the process