Some writing practise

Our Nursery program is for our 2.10 yrs and above kids. They have lots of group activities with all the children ranging from 16 months to 4 years as well as few age specific activities too. The Nursery program is held in our semi walled room where they continue to feel like they are outdoors yet learn to be in a "classroom" environment. The teacher gets them use to sitting at a table and chair as our initial program is all on the ground with floor tables.

Children are made responsible to keep their class clean, put away everything after using, stacking up their chairs and learning aids before leaving for the day. They start and end the day with a prayer.

With Koel Teacher
Craft activity

Phonological awareness is an important feature of the Nursery program. Children learn to identify the sounds of the alphabet. They learn to recognise the alphabet by listening to the sound and drawing pictures associated with the sound and alphabet. Pre writing skills are developed by the use of colouring with crayons and writing on blackboard with chalk in free style manner. Children don't have to learn it all as a drill but that doesn't mean they are not thrilled by the prospect of putting crayon to paper and be able to write their number and letters to prepare them from kindergarten. We give them work to be done at home too which helps them spend some quality time with their parents and helps parents too be responsible for their child’s learning and development.

With Anahita
Messy fun!

We work on conversation too with the Nursery kids. This is done through picture talk, books, show and tell and in circle time. Our Nursery kids make us proud each year by being on the main stage at Annual Day and engaging the audience with a play, rhymes or a speech!

With Zarnigar teacher
Exercise time