Rahila and her 3 kids at a TGP annual day

We stumbled upon The Green Pocket whilst looking for a venue for my daughter Michelles 2nd birthday. We fell in love with the place the minute we saw it. Tucked away off the bustling old airport road, this open space with a then adjoining chikku plantation was a breath of fresh air.

It was then, almost 9 years ago that we met Anahita and her 2 daughters and it was the begining of a lovely friendship. Soon after this we started looking out for a playschool for Michelle. We had considered The Green Pocket but we're a bit skeptical as it meant travelling a good 45 minutes to and fro battling the old airport road traffic daily. We looked at other places, but nothing matched up! Every other place we saw however grand didn't have the earthiness or atmosphere of The Green Pocket. So we signed up!

Michelle's birthday party at TGP
Children playing treasure hunt at the party

Michelle spent a happy 1.5 years in this school. She loved every minute of it. Anahita was a 2nd mother to her. Michelle loved the fancy dress themes, the color coded Fridays, the birthday parties, the various animals, the tree house, the doll house, running around barefoot, sitting on a mat under the sky and learning all our foundations- alphabets, numbers, rhymes, stories and how to behave and interact with others. When the time came for us to enroll our other 2 kids in playschool, we didn't think twice and we signed up with TGP for the 2nd and 3rd time despite the commute which hadn't gotten any easier.


Nigel our son spent 2.5 years and blossomed in TGP ‌before joining St Joseph's boys high school. He always still wants to spend his holiday mornings in TGP. Vanessa just graduated from TGP after being there for a year and has now joined Sophia high school.

All my 3 kids had a fantastic experience of school in their early years and it really was a pleasure to drop them to TGP every morning. The teachers and staff Koel, Preethi, Bharathi, Mukesh, Seema, Chandrakala and Moni are really proactive, kind, always smiling and open to feedback. Thank you for this wonderful environment you have created for children.

I am amazed by the genuine interest TGP gives each kid on an individual basis. Daily art, craft activities, stories are so thoughtfully picked and taught to the children based on the topic they are learning. They also encourage parent interaction with a different parent conducting a session every week. Another lovely experice in TGP are the field trips so carefully curated to expose the children about different places in Bangalore. We were really blessed to have found and chosen TGP and our children were so lucky to have been part of this loving and welcoming school.

Vanessa's birthday at TGP

Written by Rahila