The first dental check up should happen either when the first tooth comes into the oral cavity or by the first birthday. But usually we are not able to see babies that young for a dental a check up. Thanks to The Green Pocket team and Anahita we are able to see kids as soon as they start their pre school.

School dental health at a very young age helps in following ways -

  • Helps to check the child at initial stages
  • Helps to educate the child on oral health early
  • Helps to teach children about good food and bad food
  • Early intervention and early education, plays a very important role in good dental health

  • And if this could be repeated every year, a strong foundation for dental hygiene is developed.
    Every year the Green pocket babies visit us, we have story telling session followed by a check up and dental report card is also given to the kids. We also visit the campus for a dental check up and hygiene talks. This way good oral hygiene habits are emphasised. We would like to thank the Green pocket for playing such a vital role in the child's dental health

    Written by Dr. Premila