It was a bright February morning. We were involved in our mundane, restaurant opening tasks, when the cuteness quotient in the atmosphere suddenly spiked! A batch of about 30 wee children from The Green Pocket had just walked in to Carrots on their school outing, accompanied by their superhero team of teachers and caretakers, led by Anahita.

Before they arrived, we were all set to have the restaurant turned upside down with kids running helter-skelter. But from the moment these babies walked in, we realised that they were being very well behaved and The Green Pocket team had everything under control. The kids were so tiny, the whole bunch of them fit into a quarter of the dining area! The adorableness was almost unbearable!!! ??

They took turns to visit our kitchen and bakery in small batches. The whole Carrots team was beyond delighted to show them around and watch their little faces lighting up with curiosity.
We served them veggie sticks with vegan mayonnaise, shortbread biscuits and teeny tiny portions of coconut milk ice cream. It was extremely impressive how clean and tidy they were while eating.
When they left the place, it definitely did not look like the place had been filled with a big bunch of little children. This visit will be a much treasured memory for all of us at Carrots Restaurant. We’re looking forward to having Anahita, her hand of heroes and adorable children visit us again soon.

Carrots is India’s First 100% Vegan Restaurant. Based on a foundation of ethical veganism the restaurant was started in early 2013 with focus on compassion towards all animals and serving creative, delicious, conscious food to guests. Over the years, Carrots has evolved into a community space filled with positive, welcoming vibes. Apart from food, Carrots hosts interesting events, talks and workshops. Know more about the restaurant, the food, the team and their many activities: