The whole group of kids

Our children get to experience and learn about the wider world around them with our visits to old age homes and social organisations for a social world view where the little ones can imbibe and inculcate lessons of compassion, empathy on social conditions from all walks of life.

A child performing
The kids dancing for the elderly

We decided to take our summer camp kids twice to Sisters of the Poor an Old age home for elderly people here in Bangalore. On both occasions we asked the children to bring a fruit or contribute to supplies like Rice, Sugar, etc.
The children were excited about the visit and we explained to them that they should be gentle, talk to the old people, give them a hug and smile throughout. Our children walked around the home, we visited few of their rooms where the children distributed fruits and then we settled into the main dining area. Here the kids got to interact with the elderly people. We adults too got a chance to speak to them .Some told us that they were left there to spend of their lives as their families didn't need them any longer.

A few were destitute but majority had families who either could not or chose not to look after them. We made our kids sing and dance for them. A few of the elderly people joined in the singing and dancing too. A few tears were shed when we were leaving and we told the kids that they should always love and look after their parents and grandparents!

Little Sisters of the Poor