In this 1.5 hour workshop, the toddler age group was shown the wonders of the natural world through unstructured activities in the beautiful surrounds of The Green Pocket.
All the activities were laid out in different stations and the tiny tots were free to explore each activity freely and at their whim. For example, at the planting station they were free to sow seeds, pot plants or just play with the mud; piling it up, make mud pies and feel the earth between their hands. At the bean seed station, they could sort the seeds by color, shape or simply fill the containers provided with the seeds, rattle them and explore the sounds made.

Each station was designed for the kids to make their own discoveries and parents were asked to let the kids to just be. Thus, the parents were able to spend a calming day with their little ones, while the kids explored and learnt intrinsically about the plants, seeds and the earth.

Written by Puja Gurung