The Garden Club is a weekly club for kids 4 years and above. Here, kids take care of their very own community organic garden from seed to harvest. They not only learn the life cycle of seasonal vegetables and herbs but also other intricacies, such as seed saving, about the helpful insects and bugs in the garden, soil strcucture, composting and the flora and fauna and environment at large.
Through gardening, kids learn other life skills such as working in groups, sharing, patience, using tools, empathy towards other beings and each other, finding pleasure in simple things and more. Other practical skills such as building, crafting, language and verbal skills etc are also encompassed in the activities. This is a year long program held every Saturday with practical and hands-on experience.

The Green Pocket has been a wonderful venue to host all these workshops, where kids get to learn, play and grow in a lush and green environment. As a nature club, our aim is to instil the love of nature in families and kids and The Green Pocket has given us that opportunity right in the heart of the city!

Planting seeds

Written by Puja Gurung