The very first batch of kids

In 2008, in the garden of our home was born the concept of starting a green place for kids to grow , learn and have fun. With my 1yr 8month baby girl, Trista as my inspiration and encouragement from family and friends we started The Green Pocket.

Choosing the name was much easier than I imagined. The namejust popped up in my mind while sitting under the chickoo trees. As the name suggest the space was filled with trees symbolized with “green’ and since the entire farm was sold this was a small part “pocket” left. My childhood dream of having a tree house was what I first created the first thing using an old base of a bed and a tree and used that to create our logo. The concept was out in nature so we looked for an artist to create our name board using natural elements – stone and wood.

I spoke to two friends in Golden Enclave about my idea to keep our little ones occupied for 2 hours in the morning with activities. In walked 3 little kids and a week later another 3 and we had our batch of 7 children. The little ones were engaged in various activities and all outdoors in nature. At that time the farm too existed so we use to go for walks! My first batch of babies will forever hold a special place in my heart .It was interacting with them that got me thinking of various activities and the inspiration to design a learning program for children 1.4 yrs to 3 yrs age.