I am a proud mother of The Green Pocket Kiddo Alumnae, a place dear to our hearts. This magical space holds many memories of smiles, giggles, mud, sweat and tears. Over the years we worked with The Green Pocket in their summer camps, planning Alien Treasure Hunts, and creative movement sessions, and had oodles of fun being one with the kids. When we were thinking of finding a space for the Cheeky Monkey Halloween it was clear to us that it needed to be open air, comfortable and filled with the essence of the earth. And of course The Green Pocket was first on our list.

We approached Anahita who has always been a pleasure to work, and it was smooth sailing from there. She was extremely helpful, and open to the ideas we presented. From organizing parking to being on call for the slightest question, it couldn’t have been easier. With that kind of support the possibilities were endless, so we pushed on till the final date arrived.

The spooky tales of witches and goblins drew in a crowd much larger than expected and the green pocket provided the ambience perfect for Halloween. It was a lovely experience and we look forward to many more experiences at TGP.

Written by Kiran Kaur Chawla