A good and safe daycare is the need of the hour as nowadays both parents are opting to work. More so in the case of single parents who need to work long hours. We always tell parents never to feel guilty as their children adapt well to situations and life in general.

We started After School activities 8 years ago, had it for two years and then took a break for three years!! With few kids’ parents asking me to restart we decided to offer Daycare and after school activities too! The After school started and few months later we started the Daycare in a room at my place near The Green Pocket. With my parents’ help, my sister as the Architect and accommodating children in school we constructed the new building “Yellow Blossom” within The Green Pocket premises. The Daycare shifted to its new location by June 2017.

Our kids get personal attention, love, care, activities and lots more. Children join from our play school and Nursery and we also have children once they finish for the day at their school. They are washed up, bathed if necessary, given their meals ,made to rest or sleep and also helped with homework. We make it as lovely and lively for the children. The children can join in the after school activities like Dance, Martial Arts and Gymnastics post milk and snack time. As we love pets and nature we let them interact with the animals we had and have at home as well as in school.

I have a very affectionate,caring and responsible team of caregivers who take care of the little ones as their own!
We have had a baby take his first step with us and some celebrate their first Birthday too!