Leela Palace

A field trip is a visit we take our children to, outside The Green Pocket. Here is where children can try new things, can see new sights, have new learning experiences, have hands on experiences, learn empathy with social motives and most important have lots of fun . A field trip may be to a location right around the corner or may require a bus ride to the place we plan to take them .

Metro ride
TAAQ Academy Whitefield

Our visits in the past have included Museums, Parks, Plant nurseries, The Rakum school for the blind, Cheshire home, Old age Home, The Dentist, A metro rail ride, Restaurant visits to lean about nutrition and food preparation, Hotels, Library , a​ Music Academy and many more. We would like to say that ,

  • Field trips give our children the opportunity to visit new places and new environment. As it is with a large age group of children it helps them learn a lot depending on their age and capacity .
  • Field trips are more about enjoying themselves, sharing experiences and having fun. Children get an opportunity to interact with one another as well as new people in new environments.
  • Through field trips, children learn by actually doing a hands-on experience like cooking during their restaurant, playing instruments at a music Academy and planting trees during their garden visits.
  • Field trips are wonderful opportunities for children to be exposed to places that are not commonly or normally visited by their family like a Dentist, Old age home, Metro ride. This helps with the kids sharing the experience at home and then having their parents take them there again.

  • Cubbon park
    HAL museum

    The emphasis is on the cognitive development of the child as learning is due to practice and interaction in a big groups. Through these activities we aspire to create a sense passion and sensitivity for our fellow humans. We always follow up our visits with happy fun activities like running and playing and walking and climbing and ice candies for treats!