It was in late 2015, both Ashwini and me decided to host a wellness gathering. This decision came after we both got super conscious of what we were buying for our 3 year old daughter. We needed a place to host the event, and we chose 'The Green Pocket'.

Firstly, Green pocket was an easy choice because it was a place I was in love with because my daughter was in love with the place. She was part of the pre-school and day-care facilities provided by Green Pocket. The other reason to choose this place was the ambience. The soil and lush green nest that it is housed in was just the perfect setting for hosting the wellness gathering.

Anahita loved the idea and we locked on The Green Pocket as the venue. We named it as the WOW FEST (Weekend of Wellness). Spread over 2 days, it was a beautiful and warm event, with lot of positivity pouring in from the speakers, vendors and musicians.

Everyone was raving about the event being different and personal. And the reason for that was how well curated Green Pocket is.

All thanks to the gracious Anahita and her ever helpful team who made Wow Fest a memorable affair.

Written by Prashant Pillai