Green Day

Imagine our world if we did not have colours!!! The beauty lies in colours and its one of the most important concepts that we teach or babies through Preschool and nursery. The little ones learn to identify and recognize colours.

Here at The Green Pocket we teach them the colours in a fun way and make a dramatical experience by having “Colour Days”- Red Day, Gold Day, Rainbow Day, Black and white day,etc.

Pink and Purple Day
Yellow and Orange Day

Our Colour Day is usually on the last Friday of each month. Children come dressed in the colour/colours of the month. They are allowed to bring a toy from home for the day with that colour too. The older children are asked to talk about the thing they got or the colour “Show and tell”.

We follow it up with a craft or a worksheet related to that colour. Kids love “Colour Day” and we encourage our staff to be in the similar colours too!

Red Day
Blue Day